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PR on Demand:

When it comes to your public relations, marketing and fundraising, do you find yourself barely staying ahead of the daily barrage, adding to an ever-growing to-do list, or longing to spend more time planning ahead? Do you wish for more support, but canít afford the salary and benefits of another position?


It could be time for PR on Demand -- a win-win for you and your staff and volunteers.


With our PR on Demand solution, we become part of your team, offering a flexible response geared to your needs and convenience. For as little as four hours a week, or as often as two or three days a week, we provide consistent, targeted effort. From writing news releases to fostering media relations to putting out a deadline-sensitive newsletter to planning an important event, we support your efforts to advance your operations, provide quality services, and raise revenue. All this is accomplished within the framework of your short- and long-range goals. 


How PR on Demand works:


Letís say you go for our minimum solution of four-hours-a-week support.


We get together to map out what needs to be done, develop a timeline and plan of action, and determine how often we should meet.


On top of that, weíre always available, 24/7. You need us: Call us. Itís as simple as that.


Furthermore, those hours are flexible to your schedule: If you need us eight hours this week, two hours the following week, and six hours the week after that Ė thatís perfectly fine. You donít need us the first half of the month, but have a major event in the latter part of the month you would like us to focus on Ė thatís perfectly fine, too.


Simply put, PR on Demand makes your life easier. The way you want it.

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