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Stronach Associates consists of senior level marketing and public relations leaders. Our portfolio includes websites, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, writing, videos and photography that have won regional and national awards. Our experience spans over 20 years of relationships with companies and non-profit agencies.


Originally founded as WordWorks Unlimited in 1984 with company CEO Robert G. Stronach, the company has evolved to its current identify in 1998 to Stronach Associates. In late 2006 Stronach Associates took a strategic direction for growth, expanding operations and services.


Over the years, we have provided everything from media relations to annual reports and videos; we have coordinated highly successful special events and helped with grant writing, volunteer recruitment, surveys, program and feasibility studies and have handled translations and interpreting for international meetings. Our clients have included: corporations, non-profit agencies, health care institutions, agricultural coops, churches and religious organizations, schools, municipalities, and even a correctional facility.


Our work has appeared in hundreds of daily and weekly media outlets, including the New York Times.


Our creative team includes specialists in advertising, marketing and media, graphic and web design, writing and researching,, photography, sales, account managing, translating, direct marketing, business development, negotiations, videography and scripting, film editing, and marketing shorts.


What makes us different? The foundation of this business relationship is a partnership of over thirty years -- co-captains, CEOs, pioneers. Robert and Mary Stronach are the heart, soul and driving force of this PR juggernaut. They understand the struggles and needs of small business; they understand the complexity of running the public relations office of large organizations; they understand what life is like trying to juggle home, family and work.

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